Embroidery machine and wall of thread

Embroidery is personal for you and your company.   

Our job is to help you create something special. 

Our owner and production staff will go over the details with you.  From the logo size, the font, the icon, the colors and the placement on your items, being extremely detailed is what we take pride in.  

When you come in, you will be taken to the Production area where they will take you thru the process.  Our 'wall of color' will help you and our staff get it right.  If the design has already been setup for embroidery, we always encourage the customer to retrieve it from the last embroiderer.  You paid for it, it belongs to you is our thinking.  This will help save you money on setup cost, a very important detail.

Sample sew outs are done before the logo is done on your items.  Any necessary tweaks are made here.  Once approved, we can continue production of your goods.  We always encourage your questions, your suggestions.